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Malina Horbury

  Reiki Healing - Bioresonance
Shamanic Healing


​​​I am a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Bioresonance Therapist and Leader of Transformational Workshops & Retreats.  I work through connecting people to their heart in order that they find their own power and love within themselves.  I feel passionate about healing people in ways which brings about harmony and balance of the mind, body and spirit and working with people who are responsible for their own journey of transformation.

Reiki, Reiki London, Reiki Islington, Shamanic Healing, Shaman London, Shamanic healing Islington, bioresonance islington, bioresonance london, bioresonance north london, healer islington
Reiki, Reiki London, Reiki Islington, Shamanic Healing, Shaman London, Shamanic healing Islington, bioresonance islington, bioresonance london, bioresonance north london, healer islington


Does life happen TO you...?

This time 5 years ago, I felt trapped by my life. Overwhelmed by the pressure I had placed upon me. I wasn't conscious of it at the time, but I really felt that I should be the best girlfriend, the best manager, the best friend....that I could be. If I wasn't pulling another long shift at the office, I was in the gym, doing my best to live up to the women I followed on instagram.

I felt that the stress of life was happening TO ME and there was nothing I could do to control it. I felt that everyone was placing expectations onto me; work, boyfriend, family....

And then, meditation found me. I say 'found me', because I felt it did. I kept seeing adverts, leaflets, posters.... and so I followed the signs. I went along to a free meditation course. Every Tuesday without fail, no matter howbusy I was, I would go along to the meditation class. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I felt peace. I felt joy. I felt presence. Even if only for that hour of the meditation class. I can't say I noticed the dramatic change instantly, but over time things started to shift.

As the weeks passed, it seemed my life situation started to improve. I felt more at ease. The stresses of life were calming. It seemed I had more time, better relationships. One day I met with my boss, and simply explained my situation at work. How many hours I was working, how stressed I was and that things had to change. I simply asked for more support and expressed what I felt was and wasn't achievable. And guess what?! He agreed! He fully supported me! I wept with relief and the vulnerability escaped out of me like a wave.

And in that moment, I had a realisation. It was ME putting pressure on myself all along. No one was forcing me to do anything. Only I felt I HAD to achieve, I HAD to prove myself. And I realised that actually, the external situation had not changed at all. The only thing that had changed was my perception. My perception of my life situation, of external events and relationships. I had chosen to shift my perspective, to see things with more acceptance, to be more present. Not consciously, but on some level, I had chosen this new perspective. And I felt more peace than I had in a long time. Interestingly as I released the pressure from myself, I performed better, my relationships improved, I even lost weight!

That period of my life was the first step of my beautiful, challenging and life-changing journey in living from my heart.

Come and join my unique experiential workshop 25th February to support you in progressing your journey of living from the heart 💜💜💜

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Life will be perfect when...

"If only I didn't have a stressful job, then I would be happy"
"If only I had better health, then I would be happy"
"If only I wasn't stuck in old patterns, then I would be happy"
"If only I knew my life purpose, then I would be happy"

How many of you spend time thinking like this? Worrying about things in your life that you feel will not shift? Resisting things that are going on, because it makes your life tough?

We've become conditioned to crave a "perfect" life. For the need to always be happy. To resist things in our life that are beyond our control and we feel make us unhappy.

Sometimes we are not even aware of these issues but if we spend some time listening to that voice in our head, or feeling what's going on in our body, it becomes clear pretty quickly we are resisting something.

And what happens after resisting a part of ourselves or our life repeatedly for a long period of time? We may become depressed, we become frustrated, we may even become ill.  Don't get me wrong, I believe it is important to aim for good health, a fulfilling job, to live our purpose. But the trouble comes when we strongly resist whatever is in our life.

What would happen if we could just accept whatever is happening at that time in our life? Whether it's health issues, a stressful job, a sense of resistance within ourselves. What if we could observe it, and allow it to be? Even welcome it?

The trouble is that as we are constantly bombarded by messages from the world around what we should and should not be doing, how we should and should not be feeling, it is really tough to just "be".

And so we find ourselves trapped in our mind, listening to the inner critic telling us what needs fixing in our lives. We spend our time thinking "how can we be better" and the ego tells us it's all ok because it's with the goal to achieve more, to have a better life. To being happy.

Our life sways like a pendulum - running around, making ourselves busy, overthinking, trapped in a cycle of creating a better life. And then we become burnt out. Or depressed. Or we just lose hope.

Or perhaps the only way we can find balance in our life is to escape. Go on holiday, go to a retreat, and completely switch off from the world. And the pendulum sways from one side to the next, over and over and over again.

So what if we could just find the centre of this pendulum sway. What if we could be content with just "being". We all know that many spiritual practices have presence, stillness, acceptance at the heart of it. But what does that really mean in everyday life? How can we really truly practice that to live a life of harmony?

My journey has taken me through the stressful jobs, the relationship issues, the chronic health issues. I have been the control freak, perfectionist "gotta do better" woman. I have learnt that balance doesn't mean being hectic and busy 98% of the time and then 2% meditation and spiritual work to balance it out. I've learnt that true harmony comes from within. It comes from living every day with a sense of acceptance. Allowing and even welcoming the feelings within us rather than resisting them.

Is it easy? No! It takes practice to create new neural pathways in the brain. To accept these difficult feelings that come up. To start to accept the things we have become accustomed to resisting.

But I have found that life is the best teacher if we choose to hear and see what it wants to show us.

And what is the method to this acceptance and harmony? Connecting to your heart. The heart is the gateway. The heart embraces and accepts everything and everyone no matter what. Every part of you that you have been resisting. Your heart loves unconditionally. Your heart always knows the truth.

If you would like to learn more about finding a true sense of harmony and balance that comes from within YOU through opening the gateway to your heart, please come and join my unique, experiential and transformative workshop in London on 25th February.

You will increase your awareness about what is stopping you from living a more harmonious life, you will learn how to connect with your heart and yourself on a deeper level, and you will experience new techniques to practice balance and wholehearted connection with yourself and others.

I would LOVE to have you join me 💜

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reiki islington, healing london
I would love to but...

Do you ever find yourself saying, "I would love to, BUT..."?

Do you find you put off your true desires?
Do you feel there has to be more to life than this?
Are you feeling drawn to a bigger purpose but don't know what?
Are you trapped in the excuses of the mind?

You feel really drawn to something. Doing something. Going somewhere. Exploring something new in your life. Something you feel you should do. It comes from deep within, and in that moment, it lights you up. You may not be able to explain why, but it excites you. You may even feel your heart race. You picture yourself doing this thing, being in this place, and you feel elated.

And then that little voice in the back of our mind pipes up....
"Hmm, I don't know if now is the right time. Why don't I wait until after the holiday / I get paid / I have that new job?"
"Can I really afford it? I mean this month I have my holiday to pay for / that debt which I want to pay off / that birthday celebration to go to."
"Won't I feel silly going along on my own? What if people mock me? What if I'm the only man/woman there? What if no one else shows up?!"
"Let's wait until next week/month/year." (The ego mind secretly hoping you will forget.)

The little murmurs go on and on....and the whispers of the heart get quieter and quieter until they can no longer be heard. Sure enough, chances are either the logic of the mind wins out, rationalising the passion and spontaneity of the heart, or indeed, you do forget about that thing that once felt so exciting and inspiring.

When I look back at the pivotal, life changing, transformational moments of my life, I think about how close I was to not doing those things.

That first meditation class. 
I kept feeling drawn to meditation. I was seeing signs everywhere. Everywhere I looked, on facebook, in conversations, I was drawn to meditation. My heart was tugging at me encouraging me to take the leap. But my mind was saying "Are you crazy? Going to do something completely new on your own? You can't meditate! Your mind is always busy! And how will you get there?..." etc etc. But I managed to tune in with the heart and go for it. And meditation has completely changed my life! It helped me deal with the most stressful time in my career and start to see the world differently.

The trip to the Amazon jungle.
This was probably the biggest example of heart v mind. I'd spoken to people who had been to the Amazon jungle and felt drawn. I didn't even know why. Again, all of the signs were there. The articles, the tv shows, the conversations. I even dreamt about it repeatedly! You can imagine the ego mind had a field day! "What on earth are you thinking?! You cannot even think about going there on your own! What about the spiders? What if you get kidnapped? What if you die?!?!" I was learning to trust that, as scary as it is to follow the heart into the unknown, it is rewarding and leads you to the path you were designed to walk in this life.

Underpinning all of this? A great whopping fear of the unknown!

These are just two of many many examples of where I have chosen the path of the heart and changed my life completely. And am sure there are also thousands, if not millions, of occasions where I chose to listen to the ego mind instead, and my life stayed comfortable. Stable. Routine. Safe. Some may say, boring. Some may say, monotonous. And actually deep down in cases where I really really ignored the heart? Probably with a lot of suffering and pain.

And maybe that is your worry. "I don't really want my life to change. I have my comfortable house and my comfortable job and my comfortable relationships." I remember feeling like that too. And it's not to say you lose all of that. In fact, often times if you follow your heart, abundance flows. But yes, your life may change.

But let's just think about something for a moment. Think about what living from the mind means to you. What do you think of? Thinking or overthinking? Analysing? Fear? Anxiety? Worry? Control?.....

And think of those times you feel completely free and connected to your heart. Maybe listening to your favourite music, dancing, being on your favourite beach, playing with a puppy or kitten. Whatever it may be. The times you follow your passion, do what gives you joy, are the times you feel the most bliss, peace, joy, happiness. 

Which gives you more joy? Which life sounds more appealing?

So be quiet for a moment and listen well to the whispers of your heart. What is it asking you to do? What leap of faith is it inspiring you towards? Maybe you don't really know for sure you just feel drawn to something. That's often what has happened to me. Increasingly the phrase "I don't know why I just feel I have to do this" is becoming more used in my life. And I went with it. And thank the universe that I did!

Following my heart hasn't necessarily been the easy route. It takes courage. It takes vulnerability. It takes passion. It takes trust. And most of all it takes a leap into the unknown. But how exciting to be led down a path of true passion, authenticity, joy. Towards a life and a purpose that makes my soul sing.

Or, you can keep doing what you've always done. And your life will continue as it always has. And this time in a month, a year, a decade, or at the end of your life, you may be left thinking "What if...." The ego mind loves to keep us safe and stable. It loves continuity. It loves you and your life to remain exactly as it is. Anything new is a risk. Anything different is scary. The ego mind keeps the heart caged like a wild animal that is leaping to escape. But the heart is full of joy. The heart also wants what's best for you, but the you which is your true nature. Your deepest essence. That part of you that has a purpose in this world. That has a beautiful gift to share. It knows, even if you don't. And the only way to find out is to follow it and it's whispers.

So take the leap. 

Because you'll always wonder "what if" if you don't.
Because it may just change your life.
Because your heart always knows what's right for you.

And in the words of Paul Arden, "It's better to regret what you have done than what you have not."



“Malina is an amazing healer, therapist and bioresonance practitioner.  The combination of shamanic healing and bioresonance therapy has had a positive effect on my mind and body.  
The bioresonance is painless, combined with healing it has removed pain from my shoulder, hip and leg that I felt would never leave me. Malina is kind and patient and very intuitive.  I always look forward to my next treatment.”

Zehra Balman

“The most amazing place to have total healing for the body, mind and spirit.  Malina is such a lovely, kind, special and intuitive person who works on healing; inside and out!  I feel extremely comfortable with her and have had the most incredible treatments...
I am incredibly lucky amd hugely grateful to have found her through a friend's recommendation and she is so brilliant at a multitude of different, wonderful, healing treatments.  Highly recommended! :-)”

Miss G

“When I had a healing session with Malina I was impressed! She instantly brought out trama I didn't know existed!!
I would more then recommend Malina as a spiritual healer, coach and a Reiki practitioner. She's one of the best.”

Marcus Borg

“From the start Malina was very informative and full of positive energy (literally it comes off her in waves and is very infectious). In a very pleasant way my first experience of Reiki was intense!
Malina is a very positive, motivational and inspiring companion for any spiritual journey, especially if it's your first endeavour into the spiritual self.”

Mark Hannibal

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Reiki, Reiki London, Reiki Islington, Shamanic Healing, Shaman London, Shamanic healing Islington, bioresonance islington, bioresonance london, bioresonance north london, healer islington
Reiki, Reiki London, Reiki Islington, Shamanic Healing, Shaman London, Shamanic healing Islington, bioresonance islington, bioresonance london, bioresonance north london, healer islington

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Reiki, Reiki London, Reiki Islington, Shamanic Healing, Shaman London, Shamanic healing Islington, bioresonance islington, bioresonance london, bioresonance north london, healer islington
Reiki, Reiki London, Reiki Islington, Shamanic Healing, Shaman London, Shamanic healing Islington, bioresonance islington, bioresonance london, bioresonance north london, healer islington
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