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Reiki Healing

I began my Reiki journey in 2012 and have found it has been one of the biggest accelerators of my spiritual growth.  Being attuned to Reiki Energy has hugely increased my intuition and spiritual awareness, but also allowed me to heal myself and others in a profound way.


I am trained in the Usui system of Reiki which originated in Japan in the early 20th Century.  All living things are made up of energy and when this flows correctly, we have balance and harmony. However, when we have physical, emotional or energetic blockages, we can experience a range of imbalances and illness.  


During a Reiki session, I channel the Reiki (life force energy) into the client to help to clear and blockages and restore balance.  The treatment involves lying on a therapy bed, fully clothes, and hands are placed either on or slightly above the body, predominantly over chakra points.  


The therapy can be used to treat a wide range of complaints and restores balance to the mind, the body and the spirit. Many of my clients also claim that their spiritual growth has increased as a result of Reiki sessions with me.


I have the belief that we can only ever truly heal if we take responsibility for our own health and happiness and if we are also prepared to do the inner work required for healing.  I also believe that we will never experience full wellbeing unless we balance the mind, the body and the spirit. If one is out of balance, it is really difficult to be healthy and happy. And this is why all of my therapies support total holistic healing on all levels.

Please contact me for Reiki or Reiki training - London - Islington Highbury

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