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Shamanic Healing

In shamanism we believe that illness comes from either a loss of power, fear or soul loss.  I address these issues using a range of shamanic technqiues, depending on what I am guided towards for the particular client and on that particular occasion.  These include;

Soul Retrieval

When we experience significant trauma - in this life or a previous one - a part of our soul can leave the body. Soul loss is a positive thing as it prevents us from experiencing pain, however, it can manifest in illness, disease and addictions or seeking external ways to be happy.  If this becomes apparent with a client, I will work to bring back the healed soul part/s to support the client in returning to balance and wholeness.

Animal & Plant Spirit Healing

Where appropriate, animal and plant spirits are used during a therapy to assist in healing and guidance for the client.  These spirits are sent to help us and also carry certain messages and qualities that support the healing required at that time.

Healing the Body

In shamanic healing, we work with removing blockages and cleansing of the luminous energy field. However, if a client has a specific physical health complaint then I work with the spirit of that organ/body part to understand the issue and work to help the client in understanding the root cause so that they may release it.  

Journeying also forms a key part of many healing sessions. A shaman enters different planes of consciousness to the world of ordinary. awareness. Journeying allows the shaman and sometimes the client to enter an altered state of consciousness which allows communication with the inner self and with spirit guides to retrieve relevant information for healing.  Journeying can be achieved through drumming, rattle or meditation.


As negative energy is cleared, power is restored and the soul becomes whole, clients can benefit from a greater sense of balance, a more positive outlook on life, improved health and wellbeing, increased confidence and a clearer view of their soul purpose.


 Please contact me for Shamanic healing - London - Islington Highbury

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